The festival is open to everybody – regardless of your financial situation.
There will be no admission fee for the open air event. We will only charge a small admission fee for the “after show” parties and events.

All artists, regardless of how they take part in the festival or whether they have volunteered beforehand, take part without getting paid. Also, all those people who help organize the event do this for free. In order to make ends meet, however, we need to cover a fair amount of costs for technical equipment, infrastructure, travelling expenses, accommodation, etc.

To guarantee the success of the festival in the open-minded and diverse manner we would like it to happen, we ask you to give – if possible –  
a) donations or
b) contributions to support this event, as it is based on the solidarity of us all. You can make these contributions by buying a “ticket” on any of the days of the event. This is, of course, optional.