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Dear Friends,

On June 4th thru 6th 2010, a political-cultural Karawane Festival for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants will take place in Jena (Thuringia, Germany). The planned event is an open air festival against neocolonialism and racism. This is especially true: locally and outside. Over the course of three days, various activities and actions will take place at several locations in downtown Jena: e.g. lectures, discussions, plays, live music, film screenings and exhibitions. Two key program points mark the unveiling of a memorial for those killed by the stronghold of Europe and a masquerade parade, where those who died on their way to Europe will be received entering the city in the form of Nigerian masks.
The festival is open to all activists and artists of all nationalities and communities, who wish to bring their art of resistance to other forms of expression with others in creativity and cooperation. It is coordinated by the VOICE Refugee Forum, activists of the Karawane for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants, and many volunteers, particularly from Jena.

We rely heavily on donations in order to prepare the festival and especially to put it in effect with all those interested in June.

Therefore we are asking you: Support the activities and events for the 2010 Festival Karawane for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants. No contribution is too small when it is given and not thought of as unimportant.

Donations made to the VOICE are considered especially eligible and a donation receipt can be given upon request.

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